Coach Nathalie dubois

Nathalie dubois
45€ /session
session of approximately 30 min.

Nathalie dubois

Los Angeles, US

Speak English, Français

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Nathalie Dubois has been a global expert of marketing with her company DPA (Dubois Pelin and Associates) for the past 16years (and became a favorite of movie and TV stars through her famous gift suites), following a career in journalism, after arriving to the USA from her native France. 27 years ago, she saved the life of one of her friends, donating her left kidney. Her quest for optimum health started then: She started reading all the books of Deepak Chopra, travelled to Japan few times to visit its more unique spiritual temples, tried different diets programs, discovered the superfoods to reinforce her left kidney, became a regular of Tahiti and its islands for recharging and detoxing, and went to Bali…. in 2013, she encountered Alejandro Junger’s Clean program, which introduced her to gluten free food, elimination diets, clean food …. She started applying this program like a bible to her daily routine. In November 2015, her young brother Fabrice was killed in the Paris terrorists’ attacks and her all life collapsed. She developed different health issues, including high stress, panic attacks, high blood pressure and inflammation. But she kept working on her quest of wellness. In June 2016, she offered herself a break of 4 days at stars’ favorite, The Golden Door in San Diego, which gave her suddenly a time to grieve, breathe and reset. She also decided to totally plunge into Iyengar yoga to manage her blood pressure and reduce her stress. She is now launching her career as an Integrative Nutrition health Coach! She is enrolled in the Institute for the Integrative Nutrition, where she is studying with some of the world’s experts in health and nutrition. The improvement she has experienced in her own well-being by making meaningful shifts in her diet and lifestyle, reduced her stress, acted on her sleep, her time management, her selfcare, and so many other issues. She decided it was time to share with others some of these technics, changes and routines: Maeva Wellness was born! Le moi



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