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Caro the LifeCoach
50€ /session
session of approximately 30 min.

years of experience

Caro the LifeCoach

Los Angeles, US

Speak English, Français

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Je peux vous aider à Transformez votre santé et réalisez vos rêves!

I’m a busy working mom of two very fun boys Aleksandr and Massimo! I grew up in Paris, France 🇫🇷 and I currently live in Los Angeles 🇺🇸 with my wonderful husband and our children. Growing up in Paris, my parents always bought fresh produce and cooked everything from scratch. Organic and simple was the way to go in the 70s and 80s! Food was important. It had to be fun, tasty and fresh 🥑. My father was diabetic, so I learned an almost intrinsic way of eating well very young. The simple rules I now teach my clients, area those that have kept me at my ideal weight always. My life is a combination of interesting and diverse experiences. From growing up in Paris, to working in New York, to heading a large cosmetics business in London, to becoming an Art and Gems Expert in Dubai and Mumbai, India, to now living in Los Angeles, I am lucky to have met extraordinary people. My traveling the world has made me the curious, compassionate, non-judgmental and open-hearted Parisian woman I am today. I thrive in helping others seeing the better way forward and believing they can live a life that is richer and a lot more fun! Helping my clients fulfill their dreams is my calling in life. With my unique approach, you lose your excess weight and put an end to your struggle with food, all while loving your food! You lose your weight, the French Parisian way!!! And if your weight is no issue but your life’s a mess, Covid-19 worries, money trouble, career issues, a health concern, a relationship drama, or something else, I will support and guide you 100% to your freedom. You will transform your dreams into reality. Don’t wait and start getting excited about the new possibilities for your life!


  • The Life Coach School
  • Certified Life & Weight Coach


“Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself”. Caro The LifeCoach



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