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Alexandra Lamas
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Alexandra Lamas

Los Angeles, US

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Hello, I'm Alexandra Lamas! It is a pleasure to be represented by MyPrivateCoachApp. I have been studying psychology for five years and I can tell you one thing: mental health is important. I am currently finishing my final year at the University of California, San Diego. It is an honor to be part of such a commendable university. Throughout my life, I have always been interested in human behavior and the functioning of the mind. For me, the mind has always been a mystery, but I wanted to explore it. By learning about child development, interpersonal relationships, behavioral neuroscience and clinical disorders, I plan to continue my studies by participating in a graduate program in conjugal and family therapy or by pursuing studies in psychiatry for work with adolescents. As my journey progresses, I very much hope to help. I believe that leaving the world better than what you have found is what it takes to hold real power. I practice mindfulness through guided meditation, and through this difficult time, I feel more than ever that it is vital to stay connected with yourself mentally and emotionally. We may be putting this to the side because of the large focus on our physical health. I want to ensure that we can work together to still stay connected to our well being. In addition to my passion in the study of Psychology, I also have a side interest in fashion. I model on the side and have done some work on the runway for LA fashion week. I can provide tips in regards to the fashion and modeling world. I hope during this time of social distance we can remember to still stay socially connected. Distance should not mean disconnect. Let us join together. ♥️



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