How to become a coach at MyPrivateCoach?



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The advantages of becoming a coach

• Increase your monthly turnover
  • MyPrivateCoachApp is a simple way to supplement your monthly income. We donate 70% of the income to our coaches
• More visibility
  • Services to promote your services, products, content, events via advertising subscriptions or email campaigns.
    Publication of the contents of the coaches on the blog (articles, videos, podcasts)
    Participation in MyPrivateCoachApp events bringing together the French-speaking coaching industry and our ambassadors.
• Develop your network
  • Advertising subscriptions (promotion of products, services, events)
  • Email campaigns promoting services, products and events to our network
  • MyPrivateCoach events bringing together the French coaching industry and our ambassadors

•Manage your schedule
  • Flexible schedule management at your convenience. You can work anywhere and anytime from your computer or smartphone.

• Tools at your disposal
  • Management and information tools are at your disposal: agenda, secure booking and payment system.
  • Assistance and website creation, video production
  • Marketing tools will also be available in the future to communicate with our users.

• Technical support
  • Support from the MyPrivateCoach team whatever your problem.



It 's 100% free. And it always will be. Only marketing services are chargeable.
There is no restriction on the number of customers
The coaches manage their timetable 100%. But it is necessary to complete the profile with all the information as well as update the calendar with your availability, these are important criteria for our users.
If the coach is online, he must respond simultaneously. Notifications will be sent to coaches. If the coach does not respond within these times after 3 times, his account may be suspended.
Yes. Customers have the option of rating the coaches after each consultation. Coaches must keep a 90% satisfaction rate in order to keep their accounts active. Also the coaches must respect the response times: 24h.
A client who buys a session with a coach in particular: the coach collects 70% of the price paid by the client. The price of a session is fixed for coaches according to their experience. PREMIUM coaches can adapt their prices.
MyPrivateCoach will make a bank transfer at the end of the month to the bank account that you have associated with your profile.
The Premium coach will benefit from better referencing on the application and on the website. He will be able to connect his social networks on his profile as well as videos, articles, ebook etc. He will benefit from a priority display on the app as well as the possibility to customize his own rates. And a free session of marketing advice offered. Also premium coaches will have the opportunity to benefit from a marketing budget to promote their services and highlight the COMMUNITY of MPCA. The service costs 99 euros per year (payment at once) and we offer a formula with a monthly payment and without obligation of 20 euros per month for 12 months.
To become SUPER COACH, you must do more than 50 hours of coaching via the platform with a minimum score of 4/5
You will have an expert label on the application, an enhancement compared to other coaches. You will benefit from a priority display on the app as well as the possibility to customize your own rates.
Yes, we offer marketing, communication, branding and consulting services. We also provide content services like blog, video, photo writing. We also make websites for those who need it. We have a department that supports coaches to help them sell better online and develop their businesses.
Yes of course. You can email us your suggestions to with a subject, date and time and we can set it up.
You can already send them to us by email Later, when the platform is fully functional, you can directly upload them to your profile
Our coaches have all been checked by our team. They are experienced and all have a License, a Master, a certification in their areas of expertise.
Coaching sessions with your clients can be done in these 3 ways via the platform. It's up to you to decide.
By message
Chat with clients is free for the moment. In the current context of the COVID-19 crisis, MyPrivateCoachApp offers free coaching for clients. The coaches who will be part of this first launch therefore agree to offer their expertise free of charge at first, out of solidarity. It will be during the discussion by message that the client and the coach will be able to agree on the continuation and the coach will be able to propose his price.
In the future, the first 10 messages between a coach and client will be free as well as 15 minutes phone. Then they will have to pay 35 euros for a week of chat with their coach, with a limit of 10 messages per day sent by the client.